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Who Should Take The Questionnaire?

Anyone in an existing relationship or contemplating a new one, including ...

  • Singles who are wondering "is this the right one?"

  • Those considering taking their relationship to a deeper level.

  • Anyone seeking insight into what part of their relationship needs improvement.

  • Those wanting to know "Can this relationship be saved? What are our chances?"

  • Anyone seeking confirmation of the strength (or weakness) of a relationship.

  • Those seeking an unbiased 'second opinion' on a relationship.

About Us

The questionnaire you take on was developed by a PhD psychologist over 20 years ago, and has been routinely used in the offices of Family, Marriage and Relationship counselors ever since. It has helped thousands of people gain insights that improve their relationships!

The Benefits

Now instead of costly, time consuming and often stressful in-office counseling, this online questionnaire can be used to give detailed insight about your relationship with a special someone in your life. It's anonymous, affordable and confidential - right here, right now. Within minutes after completing the questionnaire you will get a detailed report that is full of insights specific to your relationship, and how to make it stronger. It’s affordable, it’s comprehensive, it doesn’t take long, and you will remain completely anonymous. Your information will be deleted from our system when we send you your report.


A relationship is an understanding between two people. It's not only how good you are with your partner but also about your expectations of your partner.